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At Konbini & Kanpai you can explore craft beers, wines, sakes, and non-alcoholic beverages available for an on-site sip & chill (price + corkage fee), grab & go, or order & delivery.


Sake Specialist, Beer Buff, Wine Wizard, and/or Asian Spirits Admirer
Category: Retail/Wholesale
What we're looking for in a candidate Must be over the age of 23Enthusiastic and a positive vibe. Negative energy need not apply.Must be interested in sake, beer, wine, Asian spirits, Japanese snacks, and/or tasty beverages.Someone with a good palate and palate memory.A good communicator. We're retail forward and you're customer facing. You need to be able to read the situation and be able to ...read more
Contact: Jun-Jun Vichaikul
Phone:(312) 884-9780