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Starting Strength is a strength training system designed to safely and efficiently improve strength, health, and athletic performance.

Starting Strength answers the question – how do I get strong? And the answer includes how often to train, what exercises to perform, how to perform them, how many times to perform them, and everything in between. It makes the complex simple.

Starting Strength started as an observation that to become strong, full body movements must be used, over a complete range of motion, with weight that increases over time. With these criteria in mind It’s obvious that a bicep curl machine will not make you strong. Yes, it may make your arm stronger, but not all of you. Which is why we use barbells, because they require that your body work as a system. And since the body is working as a system, more weight can be used, and that weight can continue to increase over time, resulting in continual progress.

Although the program is simple, the execution of it is precise. To lift weights three times per week, and increase the weight on the bar each time, the program needs to be applied specifically to you as an individual. Reps, sets, frequency, and exercise selection will vary based on age, sex, fitness level, and health status. Recovery tactics will vary depending on a variety of factors. And executing the lifts with perfect technique is critical to making continued progress. Which is why training under the guidance of a coach that has a deep understanding of the Starting Strength method is critically important.